Mentorship & Feedback

Mentorship is so crucial to personal growth journey, especially as an entrepreneur. Our founders fund has been intentionally designed to include the important aspects of mentorship and feedback ingrained throughout the process. Each participant will have access to our online resources and webinars during the fund’s incubation period and each applicant will receive tailored feedback to for their venture by their selection committee.

Trip to Our Finalists Event

The finalists will receive a complimentary trip to Ottawa, Toronto or New York. (location TBD) Finalists will be able to meet with local Entrepreneurs, connect with the Founder of Tease Tea, Sheena Brady, as well as connect with our wonderful mentors and funders directly.

Access to Funding

Check out our partners page to learn more about the funders who are contributing to this year’s fund. The fund is a non-repayable, no equity funding up to $20,000 CAD available to women identifying and non-binary folks who have traction in the market and looking to accelerate their business for growth and impact.


All participants will be able to join the online Tease Tea Founders Fund community group to stay connected to on-going resources and follow along with other participants journeys.


Interested in applying?