If not us, who? If not now, when?


Our Story

The Tease Tea Founders Fund is a passion project implemented by the CEO of Tease Tea, Sheena Brady. Upon beginning her own journey as a woman entrepreneur, she noticed the dynamic barriers she faced while applying for funding. Flash forward 5 years later to her current success and accomplishments as a business owner, Sheena created the Tease Tea Founders Fund.

Through collaborating with other successful women-identifying entrepreneurs, and connecting them to the program Sheena discovered how frequent marginalized folks struggle with this issue. The Tease Tea Founders Fund is a 4-month online program for women-identifying entrepreneurs to get access to funding, mentorship and resources to further accelerate their business.


“ Those who have found success as entrepreneurs have an important obligation: pay it forward.

This has been in my heart and mind for a while now to give back and give opportunities to budding entrepreneurs who are struggling to access support networks. I am excited and privileged to be able to give back and provide women identifying entrepreneurs with access to funding, mentorship and community.

The Tease Tea Founders Fund is evidence that it is never too early or too late to start giving back during the entrepreneurial process. The world needs more companies making this world a better place.

The world doesn’t just need Tease Tea but we need thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs who are driven by passion, purpose and profit to really make a difference.”

-Sheena Brady
CEO of Tease Tea